MLI Peer Mentors

The peer mentors program focuses on developing a collaborative learning relationship between MLI alumni and current MLI fellows in which both parties benefit from growing and sustaining a collegial relationship. Peer mentors bring their experience of the MLI framework and their expertise as executive leaders of top institutions. Through a series of one-on-one meetings with fellows, peer mentors offer support on leadership development plans and contextualizing assessment reports, and integrating curriculum ideas strategically for each fellow’s role and organizational setting.


“I found the mentor role most rewarding when I saw all of my assigned fellows transform into more independent, strategic thinkers who will surely mentor me through a difficult patch in the not-too-distant future. ” – Robert La France, GLI 2015

“Mentoring GLI fellows gave me the opportunity to being exposed to a variety of institutional challenges in various settings, and to analyze how fellows with different skill sets and modes of thinking approached them. Challenging them – and myself – led to a fruitful bidirectional mentoring process.” – Jorrit Britschgi, GLI 2017

“I was inspired by the fellows I worked with—very talented, engaged and articulate professionals. Working as a peer mentor is a wonderful way to reconnect with the GLI experience. I also made great contacts with other peer mentors from different GLI cohorts.” – Mary Kershaw, GLI 2015

Ramona Austin profile image

Ramona Austin

Senior Curator
Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallerie at Old Dominion University
GLI Class of 2014

Genny Boccardo-Dubey profile image

Genny Boccardo-Dubey

Chief Operating OfficerChief Operating Officer
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
GLI Class of 2017

Michael Bodell profile image

Michael Bodell

Deputy Director
Petersen Automotive Museum
GLI Class of 2018

Jorrit Britschgi profile image

Jorrit Britschgi

Executive Director
Rubin Museum of Art
GLI Class of 2017

Francesca Casadio profile image

Francesca Casadio

Grainger Executive Director of Conservation and Science
The Art Institute of Chicago
GLI Class of 2016

Abby Chen profile image

Abby Chen

Head of Contemporary Art
Asian Art Museum
San Francisco, California USA
GLI Class of 2016

Scott Cooper profile image

Scott Cooper

President and CEO
Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University
GLI Class of 2015

Laurel Robinson Dickow profile image

Laurel Robinson Dickow

Director, Programs
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
GLI Class of 2019

Gretchen Dietrich profile image

Gretchen Dietrich

Executive Director
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
GLI Class of 2014

Ben Garcia profile image

Ben Garcia

Executive Director at the American LGBTQ+ Museum
GLI Class of 2014

Lisa Grove profile image

Lisa Grove

Deputy Museum Director
Obama Presidential Museum
GLI Class of 2016

Toni Guglielmo, PhD profile image

Toni Guglielmo, PhD

Professor of Research
Museum Leadership Institute

Meixia Guo profile image

Meixia Guo

Deputy Director of Publicity and Education Department
Palace Museum
GLI Class of 2014

Tim Hallman profile image

Tim Hallman

Director of Communications & Business Development
Asian Art Museum
GLI Class of 2008

Linda Harrison profile image

Linda Harrison

Director and CEO
GLI Class of 2017

Kathleen Howe profile image

Kathleen Howe

Sarah Rempel and Herbert S. Rempel ’23 Director
Pomona College Museum of Art and Professor of Art History
GLI Class of 2009

Maria Jenson profile image

Maria Jenson

Executive Director
SOMArts Cultural Center
GLI Class of 2018

Sarah Jesse profile image

Sarah Jesse

Academy Art Museum
GLI Class of 2017

Julie Johnson profile image

Julie Johnson

J2R2 Leadership and Change Associates
GLI Class of 2001

Mary Kershaw profile image

Mary Kershaw

Executive Director and CEO
Museum of Northern Arizona
GLI Class of 2014

Anthony Kiendl profile image

Anthony Kiendl

Executive Director and CEO
Vancouver Art Gallery
GLI Class of 2016

Robert La France profile image

Robert La France

David Owsley Museum of Art, Ball State University
GLI Class of 2015

Shen Maosheng profile image

Shen Maosheng

Deputy Director
Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum
GLI Class of 2014

Aldy Milliken profile image

Aldy Milliken

Executive Director
Kimball Art Center
GLI Class of 2016

Mark Mills profile image

Mark Mills

Vice President of External Affairs
The Franklin Institute
GLI Class of 2014

Sara Morgan profile image

Sara Morgan

Art Museum of South Texas
GLI Class of 2016

Steve Nash profile image

Steve Nash

Director of Anthropology Branch
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
GLI Class of 2018

Regan Pro profile image

Regan Pro

Deputy Director, Public Program and Social Impact
Lucas Museum of Narrative Ar
GLI Class of 2019

Lisa Sasaki profile image

Lisa Sasaki

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
GLI Class of 2014

Jessica Sharpe profile image

Jessica Sharpe

Director of Visitor Operations and Membership
Philadelphia Museum of Art
GLI Class of 2016

Rosanna Sharpe profile image

Rosanna Sharpe

Executive Director
Reach Museum & Interpretive Center
GLI Class of 2014

Virginia Shearer profile image

Virginia Shearer

Executive Director
Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling College of Art and Design
GLI Class of 2014
NextGen Class of 2012

Niki Stewart profile image

Niki Stewart

Vice President and Chief Learning and Engagement Officer
Frank Llyod Wright Foundation
GLI Class of 2015

Peter Tokofsky profile image

Peter Tokofsky

NextGen Class of 2015

Michele Urton profile image

Michele Urton

Exhibitions Manager
Skirball Cultural Center
GLI Class of 2017

Fang Wang profile image

Fang Wang

Assistant Director
Guangdong Museum
GLI Class of 2015

Feige Xiao profile image

Feige Xiao

Director of Marketing and Communication
Chengdu Museum
NextGen Class of 2012
GLI Class of 2019

Rui Xu profile image

Rui Xu

Chief of Central China International Ceramics Biennale Office,
Henan Museum
GLI Class of 2016

Jin Yang profile image

Jin Yang

Educator, Deputy Head/Senior Head of Public Service
GLI Class of 2014

Lei Yin profile image

Lei Yin

Deputy Director General
Nanjing Imperial Examination Museum of China
GLI Class of 2019