MLI Collaborative Partners

Ongoing activities of MLI include co-sponsored programs and events featuring innovators in the arts, cultural, and museum sectors.

NextGen Now

NextGen Now is tailored to meet the needs of early career professionals in the arts, cultural, and museum sectors. It is offered to alumni of the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship Program. The program delivers a multifaceted learning experience that includes lectures, workshops, peer conversations, self-directed reading and journaling, group problem-solving exercises, panels with senior-level executives, and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. NextGen Now experiences encourage participants to use their newfound insights to approach relevant challenges in their workplace and develop a meaningful plan for success throughout their early career years.

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NextGen China

NextGen China is a multi-year collaboration between MLI and the Chinese Museums Association that began in 2017.

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Center for Business & Management of the Arts

The Center for Business & Management of the Arts at Claremont Graduate University is Southern California’s only academic center dedicated to graduate education in the business and management of arts and culture.
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School of Arts & Humanities, Claremont Graduate University
MLI, in conjunction with the Museum Studies, Arts Management, and Sotheby’s Institute of Art programs at CGU, presents the ongoing Conversations on Art, Culture, and Museums lecture series.
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Instituto de Liderazgo en Museos’ PADEM

PADEM is a program aimed at extending the professionalization of directors and senior management in museums and cultural institutions in Mexico. It provides grants to people whose workplaces are distinguished by their cultural projects and enterprising community values, despite having limited resources. GLI works closely with the Instituto de Liderazgo en Museos’ PADEM by sharing programmatic materials and developing programs that can be offered to institutions throughout Latin America.
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Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL)

CCL aims to train curators to assume leadership positions in museums in the rapidly evolving cultural climate of the twenty-first century. In 2013 and 2014, MLI collaborated with CCL to produce a week-long program offering formal coursework and practicum assignments to the CCL fellows at Los Angeles museums. In 2015, the practicum featured an in-depth analysis of the Ghetto Film School’s recent expansion to Los Angeles, as well as museum visits and strategy, media training, and time management classwork.
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