Feige Xiao began her museum career in 2009 as the head of Marketing and Communication at Jinsha Site Museum. Over the course of working there for seven years, she established a systematic structure of brand building for the museum that continues to function. She also oversaw international exchanges, as well as public culture events, such as “Night in Jinsha,” and the “Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival.” From 2011, she led the Information Center of Jinsha Museum for the “Intelligent Museum” project launced by the State Administration of Culture Heritage.

Since May 2016, Feige has been the Marketing and Communication Director at the Chengdu Museum. Her work has proved to be fruitful. In 2017, the Chengdu Museum won the title of “Most Region-Influential Institution” given by the biggest Chinese website. She was invited by Dunhuang Academy to give a talk on the topic of “Traditional Culture Promotion with New Technology” at the 2017 Dunhuang International Academic Forum. A short film about their exhibition of relics from Afghanistan won the award of “10 Excellent Works of 2018 Museum Memory in Mobile ” delivered by the Chinese Museum Association; and the communication project for the exhibition of Soul of Silk Road won the “Best Creative Design Award for the fifth Competition of Culture Heritage Digitization. In 2018, she obtained the title of Associate Professor, and became a member of the media committee of the Chinese Museum Association.

She curated the exhibition, Path of Modernity–French Modern and Contemporary Painting at the Chengdu Museum won the finalist award at the International Cooperation Section of “2017 top ten exhibitions in China”. In 2018, the exhibition Golden Age–Witness the 40 years’ Reform and Opening in Sichuan attracted 200,000 visitors in 23 days.

NextGen China Peer Mentor (2017)