Meixia Guo received her doctorate in history from the Capital Normal University. She started her career in the Publicity and Education Department at the Palace Museum in 2003. She attended GLI 2014 and has applied the theory learned from that program into her practice.

Her professional work focuses on museum exhibition promotion, education program planning, museum volunteer management, and the organization of ICOM-ITC training workshops. Bringing her expertise to bear in education programs, she and her team have welcomed visitors of all age groups, which has raised the educational work of the Palace Museum to a new level.

Ms. Guo’s research concentrates on museum education and ancient cultural history of China. On museum theories and practices, she has published articles on the educational work of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cooperation between museums and schools, education for children, education program planning, and volunteer management. She has also published several books about museum education. On ancient cultural history of China, she has published articles on decorative patterns on the ceramics, clothes and accessories of China’s court missionaries, Catholic Church dispatched painters to Qing court, and so forth.

NextGen China Peer Mentor (2017, 2019)