Fang Wang has a background in historical research focusing on Medical Missionary in Canton during the late Qing Dynasty, absorbing the Missionary spirit of dedication, just like herself, and devoted to museum learning and public promotions.

She is active and absorptive, with open-mind. As a young leader in the Chinese museum education field, she has organized many international conferences and training programs, established the first children’s playing area in her Museum, planned the first “Kids Exhibition Zoo of Animal Style Artworks.” She has also organized the exhibition “West meets East” in the Canton Tower subway and Baiyun airport, projected and presided over educational projects for schools, and successfully cooperated with TV and newspapers in important exhibitions in museums. In addition, Ms. Wang has participated in preparing the annual conference of Shang Hai 2010 ICOM and edited the “Museum as a Culture Park on Education, Museums for Social Harmony,” CECA Conference, ICOM, and “Lessons for Tomorrow: A Smithsonian Educational Study.”

NextGen China Peer Mentor (2017)