Dr. Lei Yin graduated from Zhejiang University with a major in English, and a second foreign language in Japanese. He then went on to pursue doctoral studies in the history of Eurasia at Nanjing University, passing all courses with high scores in the first year and learning French in l’ Alliance Française of Nanjing as the scholarship candidate of the China Scholarship Council. He went to France upon completion of his studies, where he worked in the archaeological laboratory of l’ École Normale Supérieure and the Advanced Institute of Sinology Research of the Collège de France. In France, he participated in several research projects launched by Chinese embassy in France.

He has served as an senior interpreter both in English and French in a series of important meetings for the officials from different countries, including the Jordanian ambassador in China, Yemeni ambassador in China, the minister of foreign affairs of Sierra Leone, the minister of youth affairs of sierra Leone, the deputy minister of youth affairs of sierra Leone and the minister of agriculture of Congo, R.D. At Kinshasa, he also served for the cooperation division V of foreign economic cooperation center of ministry of agriculture of China in the negotiations and meetings for tripartite cooperation between the International Organization for South-South Cooperation (IOSSC), Congo, R.D. government and China.

Afterwards, Lei Yin was employed by Confucius Temple Cultural & Tourism Group, where his work focused on research of management and development of cultural space and museums. He was chosen to participate the first training program for senior management staff launched by Ministry of Culture in 2015. After being nominated for his current post, he led the launch of the new series of the Journal of Imperial Examination Culture, established an academic communication platform on Imperial Examination, Chinese Manuscript and Jiangnan Society, and held three international symposiums with scholars from different countries and areas. As a curator, he designed several special exhibitions, one of them entitled The Voyage of Candidate was chosen by Bureau of Culture Heritage Administration of Jiangsu Province to tour in a dozen of museums. He also published dozens of articles and became member of Société Asiatique since 2012, and has been Councilor of Association of Chinese Historians of Jiangsu Provence since 2019.

NextGen China Peer Mentor (2017)