The Getty Leadership Institute has been empowering museum leaders for 40 years. Each year we offer a small pool of scholarship funds to qualified candidates who can demonstrate their financial need by emphasizing their unique potential to impact the museum field, their willingness to shoulder some of the financial burden themselves, and their institution’s commitment to their attendance. In recent years, as we’ve increased the number of leaders from underrepresented communities, the demand for scholarships has increased. We have not been able to meet the full needs of all of our scholarship applicants and several deserving candidates have had to be declined.

Over the past five years the GLI has awarded 20 scholarships per year to fellows from underrepresented institutions and communities. We aim to double the number of scholarship recipients and double the average amount awarded. Our alumni remind us every year of the importance of having diverse representation in every cohort. They understand the impact attendance in our programs can have on themselves, their museum, and our field. That is why we are asking you to step up and help us increase scholarships for this under represented segment of the museum field.

Please view our video keeping in mind the impact your gift can have on future GLI participants. Our responsibility as leaders is to forge a path so that others may fill our shoes and take our museums to new levels. Please give today to develop those leaders of the future.

Thank you for supporting leadership in our field.


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